BorrowUp has been operating on the Gloss financial market since 2015. The company is known for frequently offering clients various types of campaigns. Among others That is why BorrowUp is continually in the top three payment loan rankings.

This time, the lender has ready a special offer for customers who anticipate that they will have the ability to repay their liabilities quicker than they declare within the application, but just in case they cannot want to take a typical pay day loan. Now they can take advantage of the specific promotion faster repayment, where the faster they pay off, the particular less they pay.

For example , if a client borrows PLN 2, 500 for 6 months, but profits them after a month, he can pay only PLN 2, two hundred! This is one of the cheapest provides on the market.


What is the advertising of faster repayment?

faster repayment

The promotion of quicker repayment in BorrowUp is founded on the fact that customers can take as much as PLN 3, 000 for any period of six months, and then do not need to stick to this deadline : they can repay the entire legal responsibility as soon as possible. The faster they will pay off the loan, the low its costs will be. Credit taken for half per year can be repaid after thirty days – like payday loans. Nevertheless , this does not have to be accomplished, which gives customers a secure gate if their early pay back plans fail. Then they could pay the commitment according to the schedule and enjoy the sunshine installments.

In other words: the customer decides when to pay for back the loan and exactly how much he will save. They have extraordinary repayment comfort, if it cannot afford pay back after 1 month, it does not need to fear recovery or extra penalties or costs with regard to submission. He does not have to consider applying for an extension at all, simply because they have previously taken the long-term commitment. Early pay back is the customer’s choice.


Low cost promotional loan

credit loan

APRC loans with marketing early repayment is only 260. 25 percent. and even with quicker repayment it is lower than those of many competitors. For example , whenever we borrow PLN 2, 500 and give them back right after 4 months, the APRC will amount to 169. 57%. (we will pay PLN 2459). And if we give it back again after a month, the APRC will amount to 679. 73 percent. – and we will pay out PLN 2, 200.

The exact costs could be easily checked on the BorrowUp website. All you have to do can be choose the option of a loan having an early repayment promotion, after which choose the preferred loan quantity on the loan calculator to find out all the costs immediately. Furthermore the lower ones, which will use if the repayment is quicker.