Achieving the long-awaited job independence is no easy task. Many people work years to accumulate enough capital to start their business. Being self-employed is difficult but not impossible – it is no wonder that, according to IBGE, more than 34.31 million Brazilian workers are already working on their own . Legend has it that getting a loan by yourself, however, is much more difficult. It will be? Let’s demystify this and show you that it is possible, yes, to get a good loan by owning your own workforce .

Regardless of what area you work in, every job generates an income. In the case of self-employed workers, the absence of a monthly paycheck may be discouraging, but there are other ways to prove their gain. The most popular is the Income Perception Statement, or DECORE . This is an official document, which can only be done by an accountant, and serves as proof of income for those who do not have a signed portfolio or work considered formal. But be aware: This document can only be issued by accounting professionals and is valid only if it has the DHP seal, which is the Professional Qualification Statement. Stay tuned to not fall into any blows, okay?


Having a clean name is practically mandatory in any type of loan


If so, do your best to settle your outstanding debts. This measure serves not only for the loan application, but also for other modalities, such as increasing your score. When you have no clear name, you can even get a loan, but with much higher interest rates.

Have a checking account and save all your money in it. If your income is fixed, you can use this voucher after six months, certifying that you can afford the loan. However, these documents alone are not enough, so beware ! The proofs of your account plus the income tax return add up to positive points for your claim.


Research a lot

Research a lot

Find out what documents are required at the institution you are applying for, determine what value you need. A good tip is to look on the Finanzhero website which is the best type of loan for you. You will surely find the option that best suits your needs.


Try to formalize your business

Try to formalize your business

Opening an Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) registration is a relatively inexpensive and simple option, besides offering you one more document proving the formalization of the company.

Applying for a loan being self-employed requires many proofs, so try to have as much documentation as possible. The more you can prove that your business is real and profitable, the more likely your application will be approved.

Keeping your accounts current, your documents up to date and knowing exactly what you need makes it easy to get the long-awaited loan that will help you leverage your business. But if you need any help, come talk to us! We help you find the best options and we don’t charge you for it. Good luck!