When borrowing money, it’s a good idea to make sure the interest rate doesn’t come as a surprise. That’s why borrowing with Sean Cole’s Flexible Loan is a sure way to borrow. You can be sure that the rate will not surprise you.

The interest rate and other costs of Sean Cole’s Flexible Loan are always clearly stated. The monthly interest rate of the flexible loan is only 5%, which guarantees that you can borrow without any problems.

Flexible Loan serves many purposes


We all face situations where we need a loan. Sometimes your own financial buffer is not thick enough and does not provide enough security for unexpected expenses.

However, lending is no shame. A loan is a normal thing that brings help and help when you need help. That’s why Loan helps whenever you need help.

A loan is only taken when it is really needed. Everyday expenses, surprising expenses or realizing dreams. There are as many uses as users.

Convenient refund in installments


It is important to think about repaying your loan already when you take out a loan. For many, repayment can be a challenge if you have to repay the entire amount in one go. That is why Loan is designed so that you can definitely repay.

The monthly installments of the flexible loan have a maximum amount which cannot be exceeded. The monthly installments of the USD 2000 loan cannot exceed USD 250 and the monthly installments of the USD 3000 loan cannot exceed USD 300.

Of course, you can pay off your loan earlier, if you wish, even if in one lump sum.

Flexibility is one of the cornerstones of Loan, which is why we have also invested in repayment options.

Make sure you earn before applying


A creditor must secure the borrower’s income before a loan can be granted. Sean Cole is a lender registered with the Regional Government Office of Southern Finland, so we comply with all laws and recommendations.

That’s why we ask that you submit a confirmation of your earnings when applying for Flexibility. You can submit a confirmation of your earnings information directly with your application or afterwards. Learn more here and when applying for a loan.

You can be assured that Loan is a reliable and flexible choice.