Gelinai changes into Lenderspo installments

Efino changes into LendOn installments

Recently, the Gelinai company name has changed into Lenderspo installments. Therefore, the loan offer has been updated. The biggest changes concern the maximum installment liability towards the lender, which can currently reach up to PLN 10,000 for a repayment period of 24 months. In principle, the conditions for obtaining a loan do not differ from the previous ones, you must be at least 21 years old, have permanent residence in Poland and a regular source of income.

Lenderspo installments – installments tailored to customer needs

LendOn installments - installments tailored to customer needs

As part of its offer, Lenderspo installments offers very attractive amounts that can be flexibly divided into convenient installments. If we calculate properly what sum we need and over what time we can give it back, our budget will not feel an additional commitment. It is important that we carefully analyze the parameters of the offer before we finally decide on it. Details can be found on the lender’s website, where you can use the sliders to quickly determine the repayment period and the amount of interest.

The amounts proposed by the company have a very favorable range. This is very important, especially because customers have different needs and tastes. Some of them prefer to get rid of installments quickly, which is why they choose the shortest repayment period to relieve their budget as quickly as possible. Other borrowers prefer to spread the borrowed amount into more smaller parts. Then they give back the amount gradually, in smaller installments. Lenderspo installments offer an offer that will meet the needs of both these groups of borrowers.

Lenderspo installments – good help with larger expenses

LendOn installments - good help with larger expenses

Information about the offer offered by Lenderspo installments will be helpful if you are planning a trip, renovation or any other significant expense. Taking a loan sensibly, we will not have to give up our plans. It is important that we stick to the arrangements contained in the loan agreement. The minimum amount of PLN 1000 is mainly for people who care about sums close to standard payday loans. Here, too, we can count on settling liabilities in installments.

In turn, the largest installment amount in Lenderspo, i.e. PLN 10,000, is a great solution for larger expenses. Each of us sometimes has needs, the costs of which go slightly beyond the possibilities of our budget at a given moment. That is why it is worth considering taking out a loan and dividing it into installments convenient for repayment. If we do it skillfully, we will not have to give up what we need in a given situation.

Lenderspo installments – requirements

LendOn installments - requirements

As with the use of offers from other non-bank institutions, you need to meet several requirements to apply for an installment loan in Lenderspo. Undoubtedly, we must have Polish citizenship, permanent residence in Poland and a regular source of income. The company puts a lot of emphasis on this, which is emphasized in the section with questions and answers. What’s more, the addressees of the offer are persons who are at least 21 years old. It is very important that this loan company in the information on its website does not specify the upper age limit of the potential customer. It can be concluded that there is no specified maximum age and the decisive factor in this case is the individual situation of the applicant. This is very important for a large group of people interested in such a service.

Does Lenderspo installment grant loans without BIK?

Does Lendon installment grant loans without BIK?

Lenderspo installment does not grant loans without BIK databases. Customers are also verified in debtors’ registers such as: BIG Infomonitor. If we are not listed in any of them, our application may be granted. In addition, this non-banking institution reserves the right to check the information we provide with our employer. However, this does not necessarily apply to every case. Once again, the individual situation of the potential customer plays an important role here. If we meet these requirements, we can confidently apply for a loan as part of the Lenderspo installment offer. There is a good chance that our application will be considered positively.

The process of applying for a loan in Lenderspo installments

The process of applying for a loan in LendOn installments

It’s good to know that the loan application process in Lenderspo is not complicated. It runs very conveniently for the customer. All steps can be done without leaving your home. Just use the Lenderspo installment website and the Customer Panel available there. There we will find convenient sliders that will help us adjust the loan amount and repayment period. The parameters of the selected offer will be displayed below, which we should carefully read before making the final decision. Once we are sure, we can apply. It won’t be time consuming.

When we do this, we need to go through bank account verification and creditworthiness assessment. This is done very quickly using the Instantor service. It is an application that, once logging into our bank account, performs both of these activities. At the same time, the security of our data is maintained. In this way, we can avoid making a verification transfer for the symbolic amount of one penny. We save our time and, consequently, we also accelerate the entire loan application process.

Reminders and repayment timeliness

Reminders and repayment timeliness

Once we have completed the steps listed above, we must wait for our application to be reviewed. Usually it doesn’t take too long thanks to the possibilities offered by the internet. If the decision about our application is positive, the money will quickly go to your account. We can use them for any purpose. However, it is worth remembering the obligation to pay our liabilities in a timely manner. By sticking to the dates set, we will avoid additional costs due to delays. When the next installment is due, we receive a reminder SMS. This is a very important convenience for those who want to keep their payments on time. If we are unable to pay the next installment on time, we should contact the installer Lenderspo representative as soon as possible to find the right solution.